If you want your local business to grow quickly, you should become familiar with the wide range of opportunities available online. Because the Internet is great for launching effective marketing campaigns without shelling out large sums of money, you should utilize this competitive edge to your benefit.

With that being said, here are the top 5 tactics to market your local business.

1. Create Your Google My Business Listing

When you develop your online marketing plan, you cannot miss some of the privileges that Google is offering. One, in particular, is creating your own business listing since it will direct clients and customers to your place. This strategy is a great one for the traffic that you will get comes from search terms like ‘closest restaurant near me’. Without this listing, Google cannot find you and the business will go to whoever does have a listing set-up. Therefore, you need to create your business listing as soon as you can by providing the following info, name of the business, address, telephone number, days of operations and the like.

2. Optimize Your Compan’s Website with an SEO strategy

Deploying a website is also beneficial to those customers who need to find you too. However, not just any site can take advantage of the traffic that a business will get. To make sure that your site can easily be seen, your site needs to be SEO optimized correctly from the start. Google has a lot of information online that you how.

3. Build Your Reviews on Google Listing

After you have added your business to Google Listing, there are some additional recommendations that you follow. One of which is to build your reviews. These reviews are great for driving traffic to the site. This is especially true in cases where you receive a lot of positive reviews from your customers. The positive reviews will not only build customer confidence and reliability but also give the search engines what it needs to place your site as priority ranking for the top.

4. List Your Company on other Directories

It is also important to note that Google Listing is not the only directory that you should be concerned with. In fact, there is a long list of other directories that you should consider as well. Some of the more commonly known are provided below.

  • Yellow Pages
  • Industry-specific online directories
  • Yelp
  • LinkedIn
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Angie’s List
  • Local.com

5. Generate Useful Content

Another way to keep people coming to your site is to provide useful and engaging content. Engaging content will not only keep customers coming back again but also provide Google with a reason to feature your site regularly as new information is posted.

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