The easy part is adding your name and business brand to someone else’s listing. The hard part comes when you try to rank high enough to matter in Google searches. Here are five tips to help you achieve this goal.

1) Talk to your customers. Collect their reviews. You need to focus on the reviews that are either 4 or 5-star reviews. Any review less than a 4-star is not going to help you out. The more reviews you get from your customers, the higher your rankings will be. You do not have a limit. Get as many as you can.

2) Photos tell you a great deal about a place. Are you putting up photos of your business online? You need to start doing this. Add 2-3 images. You need to upload a real photo of your business. Google is going to reject any image that is fake. You may need to wait a few hours for the image to load. Do you have a logo you can use as part of the image? Copy and paste it into your browser and upload.

3) Is your business verified? You will need to do this. Click on the claim button and submit. Clicking on it will verify through the search engines that you are real. You can add some personal touches afterward. You may need to do some additional verifications over the phone or by phone. The more you verify your business online, the more your customers will trust you.

4) Do you have some keywords? You can add them to your name or title. You optimize your standing in Google maps by using keywords in the name and title.

A Quick Example 1

Steven owns a candle shop. Steven uses the words “candle shop” in the title. Steven uses these two words for more optimization. Steven’s business goes from being non-existent to becoming a major player in his local business district.

5) How many of you have access to a computer? How many of you currently have a site for your business online?

A Quick Example 2

Steven has his site up and running right now. Michael has a business similar to what Steven has. The only difference is that Steven has an active website and Michael does not. Steven will outrank Michael in the competition. We can learn a great deal from Michael and Steven. You want to be more like Steven and less like Michael. Any business that has an active website will automatically blow the competition out of the water and do well with Google maps.

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