As many people already know by now, Marijuana legalization is spreading throughout the country. States like California and Colorado have already made the decision to fully legalize Marijuana and treat it like alcohol. More recently – Atlanta, Georgia has made the decision to decriminalize Marijuana with a 15-0 vote. This means that anyone caught with an ounce or less of pot can receive a maximum fine of $75. It is very important, however, to understand that decriminalization is different from legalization. States that have legalized marijuana for recreation or medical purposes will open dispensaries that sell the pot, and the act of doing so will be government regulated.

States or cities that choose to decriminalize Marijuana will not open dispensaries and will not regulate the sale of pot. Decriminalization only essentially means that the punishment for possession will be less harsh. Dealers, however, are not off the hook, as one caught selling pot will still face criminal charges and possibly earn themselves a felony.

The market of Marijuana has the potential to reach $20 Billion in the next few years. Whats so special about this little plant? The big thing with pot is that it can tremendously help those with certain medical conditions. People suffering from diseases such as Cancer and Parkinson’s have shown great results and improvements from using Marijuana. The components within it are believed to do a lot of amazing things for some people. Another reason that pot is on the rise of legalization is because it has been found to be – well, relatively harmless. Scientists have noted that the smoke from Marijuana does not lead to cancer formation in the lungs like Tobacco smoke does. The drug has a history of creating a calm, relaxed feeling within its users. Unlike alcohol, users are not likely to act violently or with erratic behavior. Additionally, it has been noted that there are no documented deaths due to the consumption of Marijuana alone- none.

All in all, the decriminalization and eventually legalization would probably be beneficial to the city of Atlanta. Not only will users in the area not have to worry about trouble with the law, but also there will be a number new jobs created. Colorado alone generated over $1 billion in legal Marijuana sales in 2016. People are willing to pay for this wonder plant, and states should take advantage of that.

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