Atlanta May See 10,000 New Jobs If Gambling Is Legalized In Georgia

Georgia may be the next state in line to legalize gambling in the US. They have already made efforts to draw people to the state by offering impressive incentives to produce television shows and movies in the state, but they have another potentially big plan up their sleeve. This plan may be dependent on whether or not Georgia decides to give gambling the go ahead, but it’s far more than just casinos. There are 3 different resorts that are expected to be valued at billions of dollars that are being planned in the state that will include gambling in state of the art casinos as part of the experience.

Casino investors are taking a risky bet when it comes to putting their assets into casinos, but they have the potential for a big payoff in the long run. Online casinos are becoming increasingly more popular recently and their fans are hoping to be able to enjoy live roulette at a casino in addition to online. With factors like the rise in gambling, there’s a good chance that Georgia will legalize gambling and cash in on the popularity to provide revenue.

There are several companies that are interested in developing casinos in Georgia, but there are certain requirements that must be met before the state grants them the approval. The investment into the project must be at least $1.2 billion while creating at least 10,000 jobs. If the Bill that is strongly supported by state Representative Ron Stephens passes, Georgia could see at least 30,000 new jobs. One of the cities being considered for the project is Atlanta, though it has not yet been announced where in the city it would be.

It’s important to note that these developments will not be simply casinos. While they will offer classic games like live roulette, poker, and slot machines, overall they will be destinations meant to draw visitors from around the country and possibly even the world. Stephens hopes to create locations that will draw people like Disney World and will create memorable experiences with gambling just being a small aspect of the resorts.

While Georgia’s previous efforts to legalize gambling may have failed, many have hope in this version and believe it will go further than those in the past. While there are amendments expected to be made, overall they believe voters will be supportive of the efforts. While there still may be some resistance to the concept of gambling in the state, the benefits from the revenue and taxes would be able to help with the educational system and much more.

When the lottery was first legalized in 1992, there was still resistance to the idea. Fortunately, the legislation still passed, albeit narrowly. Since this legislation has passed, the voters of Georgia have slowly been becoming more and comfortable with the idea of legal gambling in their state. The popularity of online casinos may also help convince the public to legalize the popular form of entertainment.

One of the biggest concerns with the passing of this Bill is the opposition of certain candidates during the election year. Unable to know that they are accurately judging the opinions of the public, many refuse to support the Bill. In the case of Stacey Abrams, her support of allowing casinos in Georgia is based on the educational benefits. If passed, the HOPE program could be created that would help pay for tuition and other expenses at schools of higher education throughout the state.

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